New iPod Touch 4G: LCD Parts confirm Front-Facing Camera?

By Alan Ng - Jul 9, 2010

We have some more details on the rumored iPod Touch 4G device now, as just one day after the story first surfaced, component parts showing the LCD screen of the alleged device have turned up online.

As reported from Apple Insider, the screen parts seemingly confirm that the 4th generation iPod Touch will have support for a front-facing camera, just like the iPhone 4.

If the pictures are real, then it also confirms that the iPod Touch will have support for Facetime Video Chat and will most likely be running on iOS 4 – Apple’s new edition of their iPhone operating system.

I’m willing to bet that Apple will be naming this product iPod 4 or iPod Touch 4, as it looks very likely that Apple are trying to make their iPhone and iPod product ranges very similar and more engaging towards the consumer.

Check out the pictures over at Apple Insider and let us know your thoughts on them. Do you think they are real?

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  • New updates are now leaking the net about this one getting a speaker and more goodies. iPod Touch 4th Gen Updates

  • smil

    ihave a question and I hope you can answer
    My question is different from the desktop of the iPod touch with camera supplier for the desktop is equipped with a non-

  • kaushik

    when will the ipod touch 4g release?

    • Austin

      In September. Apple always releases their new lineup of ipods in September.

  • Cameron N.

    Does anyone realize that the display pictured on apple insider is not using the same connector as the iPhone 4……..

    That kinda makes me think that those are not real……..

  • Dennis A.

    Yeah it's real. in september 2009 they would build in a camera, but it has the same resolution as the ipod nano 5g and they thought that it is nicer for the nano than for the ipod touch, and camera's with more resolution couldn't built-in in such a smal device so they where waiting for a camera that fits into the ipod and have a good resolution.
    it is a very long time ago so they keep the ipod up to date with a front face camera and gyro. like the iphone 4. but the front face camera is not only for video calling, but also for games. You can play games with the front and back camera like the nintendo dsi.
    maybe it would be a whole different ipod, the ipod camera or something. but it is most likely that it is a ipod touch that have many of the same specs as the iphone 4. maybe the same looks!

  • Syafi

    I think this is true so it will be able to compete with the nintendo 3ds. Also,they say they are not able to put a camera on the 3rd gen ipod touch because of lack of space. But after apple made the iphone 4 which is very thin but can pack many advanced things inside, I think it will be a no problem to put a camera on a 'ipod touch 4'.