New iPod Touch 2010: Will you buy on Release Date?

By Alan Ng - Jul 9, 2010

Over the last few days, we have heard numerous rumors that Apple are planning to release their brand new 4th generation iPod Touch device sometime in September. Features of the alleged device are thought to be very similar to their iPhone 4 handset, so we’d like to know just how many of you would be interested in this.

Unlike the iPhone, there is no sort of ‘trade-in’ deals for new iPod products – that we know about anyway. If Apple are indeed planning to release a new iPod in September, then it is obviously going to cost users a fair amount of cash to prize one away.

With features such as a 5 megapixel camera with separate front-facing camera, free Facetime video calls over WiFi and HD 720p video recording, we predict that the iPod Touch 4G may become the next hottest gadget on the planet – what do you think?

Customers should expect the new device to come in at no less than $199 for an 8GB model, with plenty of accessories and color bumpers available just like the iPhone 4.

Would you be willing to fork out the costs for a Facetime-supported iPod Touch or not? Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • gDragoNx

    anyone know the Release dat for Canada????

  • Ironlungg

    I have the ipod touch 32 gig..3G…I paid 300.00 plus like 70.00 for apple plan…case 30.00….I love my 32 wit a Otterbox case.I have like 251 apps,950 songs,34 photos,video's 3….I wound not use the camera much.I like to just play games and play music….I have no lag@all.A4 is good,facetime,HD video is all good but I still like my Ipod touch 3G wit triple protection…OTTERBOX DEFENDER CASE………..Not a scratch anywere on mine.


  • gambit

    I’m about to sell my old iTouch for this one!! cheers mate!

  • iwantipodtouch4g

    they're out today.. check out (: retina display, A4 chip, 2 cameras w/facetime, HD video recording, and even THINNER!

  • gigi

    oh god….OF COURSE YES! buy new vers. i will definitly gonna get one im just freakin out here till september comes….i want it:)

  • theipodman

    if the new ipod touch have a camera and the retina display it sure i want a this one because my first gen ipod touch is slow and i cannot put ios 4

  • Barrieau

    Here are some things that we hope to see on the new iPod touch: Front and back facing cameras, microphone, retina display, A4 processor, Gyroscope, and better battery life. If it gets any of those, it will kick even more ass than before!

    • tyler

      damn strait i will get one it is the new shit its awsome and 8g is 299.95$ its acctually not a bad price compared to the peice of shitty ipad

  • Lazarus

    Yes, i will buy it for sure….

  • jms

    YESSS!!!!!! IPOD TOUCH is finally getting a camera..(about time)….looking forward to a really great device.

  • abymon

    yes, i will definietly buy it…:))

  • Jake

    Hellz yeah! I have qn old 2g iTouch (im on it right now) and I have saved up and waited just for this xamera they better include. I love my 2g, but its getting slow and they battery life is suckish. I want an upgrade, ill buy a 16 or 32 gb, even if it costs 250.

  • mar

    I was planning on buy my first ipod touch this weekend. It is tax free in Mass. this weekend. If it is released by the 14th I will buy it on release day. If not, no I will take the discounts that are being given on the 3rd generation. Saving $40 plus the tax, now that is a good deal.

  • Mr. James

    Still the measly 64G hard drive? I've still got my old 32G classic and I'm looking to upgrade but I'm not sure if I want to go out and buy the new iPod Touch 4Gen if it's just going to have features like a camera that I will NEVER use.

  • harry

    they wont take it unless its there in 90 days or theres actually a problem

  • Mike

    I just bought a 3rd gen ipod touch

    i have 90 days to return it if i want (I DO) and have a refund

    with the money i will buy the new ipod touch

    is it a good idea?

    • diegeticmelancholy

      YES. Do it!!!

      • dontwasteyourmoney

        NO!!! Don’t do it!

    • oooh,decisions

      NO. Don't do it!!!

    • HelpfulGeek

      Yes. Expecially with the new features like the camera, I have a 3rd Gen 32gb iPod touch myself and I’m planning on selling it on eBay because alot of people still want the 3rd gen one. I hope I helped and it really depends on what you think!

    • Anna

      Yes, you should! I am selling my old iPod touch to a friend soon and I’m eagerly awaiting September!!!

    • Ipod fan

      Do it!