New iPod Touch 2010: FaceTime, Camera, And?

By Peter Chubb - Jul 9, 2010

We learned yesterday that Apple looks set to launch a new iPod Touch in September and that it will have a number of key iPhone 4 features. We discussed one or two of these – the main one being a front-facing camera. If we are to believe what we have heard, then the new 2010 iPod Touch should also come with FaceTime.

The idea of having a video on the iPod Touch is not that far-fetched – especially when you think that Apple gave the iPod Nano one last year. The Touch always seems to be a mirror image of the iPhone, so we can expect upgrades to its camera as well.

I do wonder how FaceTime can work on the iPod Touch over Wi-Fi, as I assumed that you had to be signed up to a carrier – although it would not take much for Apple to change it just for this device. We have to wonder what other features Apple will give the updated Touch?

We know that it will come installed with iOS 4 and should also benefit from all of its features – well only if Apple upgrade some of the hardware. The current version along with the previous models of iPhone cannot handle multitasking as the CPU is not powerful enough and there is not enough RAM to handle more than one task at a time.

What do you expect to see from the new iPod Touch 2010?

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  • jay16

    :'( i just bought this new i pod the one with a camera in front and at the back.. whan i open it the display was a usb cinnection pointing ti itunes… but when i connect it to my laptop i didn't do anything.. what should i do?… please help me… im not good at this kind of stuff… and i can't understand the directions coz its in japanese… waaaaaaaa!!! help please… :'(

  • Kjkj

    I think it's great but how much is it

  • Acer501

    i won't it now i can't wait to hold and face it into my poker face

  • r56mcs

    why not put a built in GPS capability?

  • alex

    do you think the new touch will have the Retina Display?

  • sion

    umm righ now i have a 16g nano w/ the camera, so im going to try to keep the nano and get the touch!! and i would think this will be great for apple because the only reason that people dont get the iphone is because you have to pay monthly for it. so the sales will easily shot up to a million

  • Rita

    omggg i cantt wait for the new i touch to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woopwoop but im sad because its going to take soo longg i was just about to order the 3rg itouch intill i heard about the 4thg it soundss awsome i cant wait to be able to facetime with my friends, take pics and do all the new stuff with all the new features. i hope this is a reliable sorce and there REALLY IS a new one coming out

  • Guest

    Dude, Iphone's facetime is over WIFI, so why would there be an issue having it over WIFI on the ipod touch?

  • Noah Zammorezz

    Right on bob!!!!!! oh and for you other Amego's don't be hating on apple!

    • baple the apple

      apple ROCKS

  • Bob

    HELLO!!! Facetime doesn't need a carrier. That's why it doesn't cost extra on an iPhone!!! Apple designed it to work over wifi to keep costs down

  • aaron

    a camara on the back will most likely happen but i cant see them adding facetime it would cut into to iphone 4 salesbut u never know (ihope they add it) but either way i cant wait cuz i recently bought the ipad and sold my ipod touch 2nd gen

  • mclovin

    my ipod touch 2g can definitely handle mutlitasking its doing it right you just need to "do stuff to it" and it shpuld work fine it drains battery life though 🙁

  • Josh

    The 3rd gen iPod touch (32 and 64gb) have multitasking.

  • Mike

    I hope the next one will have a tuner for radio like the nano, teh cameria would be nice as well. Also waiting until the next one comes out.

    • The Wireless radio in the 3rd generation (and I believe 2nd generation) iPod touch can pickup radio signal, there just is no software yet, Like how the 2nd generation iPod touch didn't use it's bluetooth until iOS 3.0 was released.

  • Caleb M

    Sure would like to get my hands on this. FaceTime would definitely be a nice touch and would make me want to purchase one right away. But they can't come soon enough as I just killed my old 16GB touch a couple weeks ago and have decided to wait for the next one.