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iPhone 4 Video Calling (3G): No Facetime Needed with Fring

For those of you who already have an iPhone 4, we have a very useful video for you to check out now. If you are a regular user of Facetime video calls over WiFi, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now chat via 3G connection too.

As reported from T3, that is all possible thanks to Fring, as the company has just updated their VoIP application with 3G video calling support – it works great too by the looks of the video.

Fring has stated that video quality depends on your current 3G connection, but as long as it is stable, you should be able to enjoy free two-way video calling with the new application.

Best of all, this isn’t just restricted to iPhone 4 users either. If you have a Nokia, Android or BlackBerry device, you’ll be able to enjoy Fring too. You can download it here, there is a video demo below for you to watch.



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