iPhone 3GS Battery Life: No problems says Steve Jobs

By Gary Johnson - Jul 9, 2010

We have reported before about the battery life on the iPhone 3GS after installing the iOS 4, and owners experiencing poor performance. Now it seems that Apple CEO Steve Jobs does not think there is any problem at all.

Mic Wright from Electricpig.co.uk is reporting in an article that a Norwegian journalist is saying Steve Jobs replied to his questions concerning how the iOS 4 affects the 3GS and its battery. And you will not be surprised to hear that Jobs doesn’t think there is any problem what so ever.

The journalist Jarle Aasland told Wired that he contacted Steve Jobs by email and asked: “Any reason battery performance on a 3GS running iOS 4 should be worse than it was running OS3?” The reply: “Nope”.

But on the Apple Support forums many 3GS owners are complaining about their battery life now they have downloaded iOS 4. Some users have tried running their device with no apps installed, but still find the battery draining quickly.

Are you experiencing poor battery life now you have installed iOS 4?

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  • Amber

    I'm amazed at how quickly battery life decreases – one day, normal overnight charge with lots of use and I've still got lots of power left. Yesterday – massive sudden drain. Monitoring it today – 815AM (100% charge) … 12.30 (9% charge) hardly any use – I've been working on laptop most of the day. This is awful.
    I made no major changes to my phone – no upgrades. I added a few apps, now removed and have also restored by phone since I noticed the issue. No change.
    Any ideas how to resolve this, or is the battery just dead?

  • Sarah

    Try turning off your notification to OFF. My Wi-Fi is on but bluetooth is off too. I’d tried turning off Wi-Fi only leaving Notification to On discharged my battery really quick.

  • London M

    yeah i downloaded os 4.0 and my battery life has went from great to sucky as hell.

  • lauralew1

    My battery life also has gotten awful when before it was fine. Crazy.

  • Angie

    I recently upgraded to the new OS 4 my battery just keeps dropping is it because some applications are still running in the background. I charged it this afternoon ip to 96% haven't even used it apart from messages and some 4 hours later it is at 16%,
    what the hell is going on

  • Karl

    For Sure without a doubt the battery has got bad since OS4 was installed… I'm about to try the old fix, to restore the software but without using any old back-ups.. If it aint one thing its another.. HTC next year…

  • Olivier

    I gain back my battery life by turning Off Notification on my 3gs with iOS 4. it seams like on of my applications was using too much cpu with the notification ON

  • Luke

    goto the mutlitasking bar and hold down the apps that are displayed there. Then remove all of them.

  • Basil

    Can anyone tell me will I lose my music on the iPhone 3G my daughter gave me, as soon as I link to my Laptop? Please.

  • John

    Isn't this the history of Apple. Promise a great product and repeatedly under deliver. I could live with the ridiculous number of dropped calls before because of the apps. Now I can't even use the apps because the battery is perpetually draining. Did they fix the dropped calls issue? No. Did the fix the bluetooth headset issue (no prev track/next track controls)? No. It does seem to run faster, but that really doesn't matter if the battery is dead or I'm tethered to the wall.

  • Same problem. 100 % charge at 11:00 PM with 3G and Bluetooth turned off and 11% charge at 8:00 AM. I still have a year left on my contract, after which I am dumping my iPhone.

  • dan

    My battery life has been cut to 1/4 of the pre 4.0 level. battery goes from full to 30% overnight w not use and location services turned off.

  • Jono B_NZ

    I downloaded iOS4 two weeks ago and my phone battery life has been a nightmare. I went to sleep last night having taken it off full charge at 9pm, woke at 8am and the phone had 17% battery life with no usage at all!

    Apple needs to fix this, and quickly!

  • DpR

    husband and I both updated to OS 4 this past week. Immediate drop in battery life. I live in search of a power outlet now. This problem goes on and needs to be addressed ASAP by Apple.

  • haridas

    were can i buy this phone in india

  • René

    I installed IOS 4 a couple of weeks ago. And the battery life is a nightmare. I can go to bed with about 70% battery life left and wake up 6 hours later with the phone dead. On other days, it uses only 10% for the same period (without active use that is). Even when I clean up the multitask bar, no push except for whatapp, etc. I would like to go back to 3 if it was easy, but still don't know how to do that.

    Besides that, the point of the multitask bar if a mystery to me for applications which are clearly not multitasking. Why do the same applications appear there multiple times? What is the point of that? If you don't clean it up regularly the whole bar gets cluttered with apps that you have started at least once.

    I have more complaints. Why can I lock the screen in portrait mode, but not in landscape mode?

    Getting more and more annoyed with my iphone and the arrogant behaviour of Apple. I guess the only way you get them to listen is by voting with your feet. The only problem being that to many feet are still running towards them instead of away.