Chrysler, Ford recall: Statement and Customer Feedback

We have more details on the Chrysler and Ford recall for you now, as both companies has given some information for customers regarding the recall, including a confirmation that no injuries or accidents have been reported yet.

As reported from IBTimes, both Chrysler and Ford have maintained that the recalls are voluntary, and that they will be getting in touch with customers soon if they have one of the models listed in the recall. If you are seeking a full list of models related to this recall, you’ll find information in our previous article here.

If you do have a vehicle which is included on the list, you are advised to take your vehicle to your nearest dealer where you will be able to get the issues fixed, free of charge.

Additionally, Chrysler and Ford have both confirmed that they are also in contact with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the US Transportation Department about both recalls.



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