Wine Vending Machine: First Kiosks

Have you ever been in a subway, hotel or other place where they have vending machines and thought what will they think off next? We recently reported of a gold vending machine, now there is the first kiosk that dispenses wine. As you would imagine there is a few pieces of technology designed to only serve those of age.

You will first need to swipe your drivers license into the wine vending machine and then look at the camera and finally breath into a tube, only then will your drink be given to you. We are surprised that you do not have to juggle at the same time to earn your wine.

The wine machine is being tested in Pennsylvania first – if tests prove successful then there could be a number of other vending machines placed in the state. There are currently just two.

Fox News who got their information from AP wonders if anyone will actually want to buy their wine from a vending machine? At the test site, those who have used the machine were happy and would like to see it take of in other locations.

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