Opera Mini 5.1: Details Regarding Today’s Release

By Jamie Pert - Jul 8, 2010

Opera have today released a new version of their popular mobile web browser Opera Mini, this update now brings the software to version 5.1 and will now support more than 3000 devices.

The best news of this update is that it will now support Java phones, therefore if you have a slow and clunky small screen handset, you can can probably experience the joys of Opera Mini.

The new version brings a new skin to the software, which should nullify any memory-related problems, one common issue saw handset display an error message reading “out of memory”.

Opera seem very happy with their new skin, not only does it bring advantages to low-end handsets but it the interface also allows you see more web content and make web browsing snappier.

Opera suggest that if you are running a Nokia Series 40 phone or a handset with less than 200 pixels (in either direction) you should definitely download this update, however if you are running Opera Mini on a high-end smartphone the update is not as crucial.

To download the latest version of Opera Mini check out this link, for more details regarding the release check out the source link below.

Have you installed Opera Mini 5.1? If so, are you a fan of the changes that have been made?

Source: Opera

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  • iron_yuppy

    works fine with my nokia 6680, cute home page..
    but still i like om4.2

  • Azim

    There is some problem regarding to downloading..Everytime i get response like “downloading failed” even though there is a sufficient memory

  • Zach

    Hate it. Mini opera 4.2 and 5 rule. They’re simply way faster.

  • tmelon

    Same for me on my BlackBerry Curve 8530.

  • The app doesnt work properly on my Blackberry 9650. Cursor jumps all over screen