NSA’s Perfect Citizen: Cyber attack surveillance program

The NSA is said to be setting up a cyber attack surveillance program dubbed “Perfect Citizen” and will monitor possible attacks on government agencies and private companies that is important to the national security of the United States of America.

One such government agency to benefit from Perfect Citizen would be those who take care of nuclear-power plants and the electricity grid, which as you would imagine would be an ideal target from a cyber attack.

According to a report by Siobhan Gorman from WSJ, sensors will be placed on the computer network; any abnormal activity would trigger the system. However, the system would not be monitored at all times

Defense contractor Raytheon Corp. will handle the first phase of the project, reportedly worth $100 million. There are fears that this new surveillance program is seen as an intrusion by the agency, but others believe that it is something needed in a time where cyber threats is a real possibility.

For more details on this visit WSJ by visiting the link above.



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