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Nexus One Vs iPhone 4: Web Browser Speed Comparison Videos

Following on from our article yesterday which informed you about the interesting benchmark browser speed tests between two heavyweight handsets in the Nexus One and iPhone 4, we now have the direct videos to show you, letting you see the speed comparison for yourself.

We feel that you definitely need to check the videos out, as the results shown yesterday were not as one-sided as they were first reported. We told you how the Nexus One running Android 2.2 Froyo was the clear winner in terms of overall web browsing speed, but actually – the speed comparisons with the iPhone running iOS 4 are quite similar.

We have two videos to show you: The first video compares speed tests with the iPhone 4 and the Nexus One running Flash 10.1, and the second shows the results without Flash installed. Speed tests are conducted on a variety of sites, showing you the actual performance gaps between the two handsets and the difference when Flash is installed or not.

As you can see from the results, there isn’t too much to tell the two handsets apart, so you may want to re-think that the iPhone 4 is far worse than Google’s Nexus One – this is clearly not the case.

Watch the videos courtesy of Engadget and let us know what you think.


  • Your testing while shows some comparison does not show the speed of each phone. You are running them on the same wifi connection and with a router that splits the connection. you need to test them individually. Secondly they need some sort of a real test: a javascript speed test, loading large images, etc something to benchmark them. Good to see someone take a go at it anyway.

  • dododada

    hell with those comparisons as long as you're comfortable with the one your using be it with an apple phone or google phone.

  • Wario

    they are both fast, people are always making comparisons. The Iphone is just that the iphone and the androids are the next best thing regardless of their speed or their screen size or their apps or lack there of.

    • Wario u must b an apple fanboy 4 certain. U said Droids r the next best thing..explain how? Now im no rocket scientist but from my user experience Droids have fully takin over..i recently sold my 3gs & bought an iphone 4 & i have an htc evo as well after letting my wife take over my tmobile account & giving her my nexus 1 but the bottom line is DROIDS r officially the kings of mobile phones & apple fans hate admitting it even me so i figured if u cant beatem..joinem! & the sad part is google’s no where near done..all highend Droids will recieve an official gingerbread 3.0 OTA update which will shock users with a brand new UI based off of the 3d photo gallery on froyo & its said 2 b the most beautiful,magical interface the world has seen yet! Sorry Apple..Fuck Steve Jobs pussy ass!!!

  • Neo

    the speed of browser is not just opening websites, why you didn't test an interactive website with some javascript in it, such as the gmail or any other web-based AJAX email? they are many sites that could be tested, but you see that even with flash installed, we can say nexus one is slightly faster, and without flash it is definitely faster. Sunspider and V8 are definitly say that websites with javascript would be faster, not load time, most of the load time javascripts (if they exists) are not time consuming.
    You need to browse sites and see how fast android it for yourself, not just opening webpages.


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