New Apple iPod 2010: Release Date Rumors and Specs

We have some exciting news for music lovers now, as one source has suggested that Apple are planning a major refresh to their iPod music player. We have some specs to share with you as well as a release period for when the device will be available.

The rumors have surfaced from Pocket-Lint, who are citing Rob Hennessey, a figure for major UK retailer John Lewis who has apparently been given inside information from suppliers.

He has said that Apple will release a new iPod device this September, and that it will come with a 5 megapixel camera with HD video recording capabilities. Furthermore, it will feature a built in gyroscope and accelerometer just like the iPhone 4 and best of all – he has also stated the new iPod will have support for Facetime calling over WiFi connection.

Yeah, you heard it correctly – Facetime built into an iPod, it sounds amazing doesn’t it? Pocket-Lint are saying that the feature will also come with no extra cost for users, which is obviously fantastic news.

These are rumors for now, but we’ll give you more details as we get them. Give us your reaction to the news.



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