Motorola Droid X Sibling, Charm: BlackBerry look-alike

By Peter Chubb - Jul 8, 2010

Most phone lovers know that Motorola is about to unleash the Droid X next week – although some Verizon customers have reported to have received them already. The phone maker is not slowing down, with news of yet another handset – the Charm. This handset is not anything like its sibling – instead looking more like a BlackBerry.

The Motorola Charm will still run on Android OS, but only version 2.1 for now. Do not expect it to light up any benchmark tests or spec comparisons, the 600MHz processor and 2.8-inch multi-touch screen is proof of that, as well as the 3-megapixel camera – its as if we have gone back in time.

However, Motorola is being clever here, as the Charm looks set to enter the Enterprise market – this is evident with these features. It is no secret that business users want more from a phone than just high-end features – the range of RIM BlackBerry handsets is proof of that.

The handset will be available on T-Mobile in the summer and will cost $150 (on 2-year contract) on a two-year contract. For a detailed look at the Motorola Charm read Charles Smith’s article over at IBT

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  • Motorola is really rolling out some impressive phones. The Droid X looks great and is obviously a competitor to the iphone, and this phone looks like an obvious competitor to the Blackberry. I am glad I am with Verizon because I can't wait to see the Droid phones that will be produced by Motorola in the near future..

  • mad windows user

    We do need another big and powerful company to come out with a device that is what consumers want and works well. I'm tired for bill gates crappy products, and Steve jobs idea of what a bad cult should look like. Google should take over they have the money and the right ideas for what the people want and that is freedom not mediocre washed out crap and let the manufactures put out products that look and feel different. Google need an operating system so they produce computers too even thought pda will be the next computers all the crappy products that Microsoft and Apple puts out should go away…..