Lebron James Big Decision: Facebook and Twitter Reactions

Tonight NBA superstar LeBron James will announce to the world which team he is going to sign for tomorrow. What is being called “The Decision” the NBA star is going to be on a one hour ESPN special which is being screened at 9pm tonight.

The event is big news with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter awash with fans speculating and discussing the highly anticipated news. Some people are speculating what team he is signing for, with rumors of sightings of the player trying on a certain team’s jersey. Miami Heat get a few mentions from various people especially on Twitter.

Some pretty far out suggestions like James announcing what his favorite all time Jane Austin character is are being posted, and even that the star will announce his retirement from the game. As the time draws closer this speculation will probably get bigger, but we will have to wait until then for the true destination of LeBron James.

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