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HTC Vision: T-Mobile Release Date and HSPA+ Details

We have some more details on the HTC Vision smartphone for you now, another Android-powered handset which will be available to buy from T-Mobile USA in a few months time.

As reported from Phandroid, we have now learned that the HTC Vision, also codenamed as the Vanguard, will be T-Mobile’s first handset which will have support for their HSPA+ data speeds.

Phandroid state that T-Mobile’s HSPA+ won’t be quite as good as 4G speeds, but those of you in supported areas will still be able to enjoy speeds of up to 21Mbps – which isn’t bad is it?

Furthermore, you’ll be pleased to know that the handset will be available sometime in September, which is a bit earlier than some of you were expecting.

Are you interested in the HTC Vision or not?



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