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HTC Desire: US Release Date around the corner

We have some great news for those of you planning to pick up the popular HTC Desire handset in the US, as we have some more details for you, which suggest that a release date is just around the corner.

As reported from Phandroid, the handset made famous in Europe is now making it’s way over to the US, rumored to be heading to Telus – although it could still land on other networks such as AT&T and Rogers.

The handset has been spotted on the FCC website, with the model number at PB99220. This is pretty significant, since the model number for the EU version of the Desire was PB99200 – just one digit shy of being exactly the same.

As with previous FCC reveals, it usually means that a release is not far off, so customers on Telus may want to start paying attention if you plan on picking this up.

Are you interested in the US Desire or not?



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