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Halo: Reach Pre-order: Free armor and helmet configurations

How would you like Halo Reach with a bonus? Well you can if you pre-order your copy of the Xbox 360 game from GameStop, as it will come with free armor and helmet configurations – and a $20 coupon code thrown in towards futures games.

Once you have pre-ordered Halo: Reach from GameStop just print the token that you receive and then redeem it for a Spartan Recon helmet, which also comes with a Visor/Blast Shield. This can then be used during campaign and multiplayer modes.

The other bonus gift is the UA Multi-Threat Mjolnir Mark V(B) Armor, making it perfect for a range of combat situations. This armor will be able to take a huge amount of impact, just try not to rely on it too much – use some of your skill and wit to avoid getting hit too often.

Halo Reach can be pre-ordered from GameStop for $59.99 – shipping begins on 9/14/2010.



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