Flashlight for iPhone 4: Apple ends iron fist

By Peter Chubb - Jul 8, 2010

Most phones come with a camera and flash on the front, which you can turn on manually to use as a torch. This feature has been missing from the first three iPhone handsets – until now. As you know, the new iPhone 4 comes with an LED flash, but until now have only been able to use it with the camera. Now we can tell you that there are a number of flashlight apps available.

Apple has always dealt with such apps with an iron fist, as they hate third-party apps from taking over a main function of their smartphone. This may not seem like a big deal to those unfamiliar with Apple, but trust me – iPhone 4 owners are going to love it.

There are already a few apps available on the App Store, some cost, while others are free for a limited time only – so you had best hurry and download and install now.

Some of the apps are as follows: Flashlight and LED Light For iPhone 4, along with Power Light. More details on these apps can be found on Engadget thanks to Darren Murph

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