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Firefox 4 vs Chrome: Features compared

So we know that Mozilla has released Firefox 4 beta 1 and the browser that it will be compared to the most will be Google Chrome, as it certainly looks a lot like it. It is nothing new; one browser borrowing from another, with Jared Newman from PC World pointing out that this is a great form of flattery.

However, let’s not get mixed up here – the two do not share that much in common. So lets take a look at the main features to see how they match up. Newman begins with looking at the menu button; Chrome has opted for the omnibar, while Firefox 4 has gone with an omnimenu.

Then there are the Tabs; this has now been relocated to the top of the navigation bar in Firefox. The menu button is still above the tabs, so makes it very difficult when trying to select it. Chrome has gone with an easier placement, which is right at the top of the screen.

The PC World writer explains that he has been using Chrome for his daily needs, but is now contemplating a move to Firefox 4 beta. He believes that Mozilla offers a cleaner and improved alternative, do you agree?

For a complete comparison visit PC World via the link above.


  • ChromeHater

    FIREFOX OWNS CHROME! Chrome is a newbie!! Google Chrome was only created to promote Google products like Google CEOS said. It was to get more people to use Google search. That alone makes me hate it.

  • Niraj

    Firefox 4 feels faster than Chrome 7 on my machine and by the way Chrome consume way more memory than Firefox.

  • fox

    Firefox pwns chrome any second!!!

  • KNiGHT999~


  • Google Chrome ownz FireFox anyday!!!! 🙂


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