Dagger GT vs Bugatti Veyron: Former 300mph+

By Peter Chubb - Jul 8, 2010

When we think of the world’s fastest production car, it is the Bugatti Veyron that everyone thinks off. The supercar has recently increased its top speed to 267.81 mph – but that pales in comparison to the TranStar Dagger GT, as expectations are to have the car hit 300mph+.

This is certainly a big ask, one that we would never expect from an American company. The Dagger GT will put the Veyron’s powerplant to shame, with the engine expected to pump out over 2000hp – now that’s insane. The Dagger supercar will not have the fastest 0 to 60mph time, but based on horsepower-to-weight ratio, nothing can touch it.

According to Chris-R from Pistonheads TranStar will offer three version of the Dagger GT, these include: Dagger GT-R, Dagger GT-LS and the Dagger GT-D – all of which will have a specific area of focus.

The Dagger GT-R will be the road-racing model, the Dagger GT-LS will be the 300mph plus model and finally the Dagger GT-D will be the model just for drag racing. For more details of these cars visit TranStar Racing

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  • wolf0911

    @731e616981d92627f482df68c80fe158:disqus i knw rite,it will b though and this is 2012 so,it prolly has been made,and the gt is faster,ive researched it,it does a top speed of 314 mph

  • hwer

    how it hasn't even been made

  • wsaal

    the dagger gt is better than the bugatti 🙂

  • BW2

    Dagger is going to fail