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iPhone 4 Reception Problem: Hardware not Software Say Apple

We are all aware by now that the iPhone 4 reception issue is crushing what remains of an otherwise great gadget, but it seems that Apple have been hiding behind a wall when it comes to asking them specifically what the actual problem is and how to fix it.

iPhone consumers have gone to great lengths trying to fix the issue themselves, but even after being told to hold the phone differently, or purchase an iPhone bumper, the fact of the matter is this. The problem still remains.

Apple announced that the fault was infact a software issue, and nothing to do with the way the phone was made, nor blaming the hardware.

Rejoice! A simple software update could fix your problem for free and we can all be happy iPhone bunnies all over again.

How wrong we were. I think the true brainiacs also know that Apple were wrong when they said a simple fix would sort the transmission and reception problem.

So what does the update actually do? According to Gizmodo, they say that AppleCare confirmed to them what they already knew in the first place. The software update will not fix the reception issue, but is only a cosmetic change to the way the reception bar is displayed. The short of the story is that it more accurately shows signal strength.

Currently, we are being made to pay for an Apple design fault by purchasing bumpers and what not for the satisfaction. If you do not believe in what Apple are doing, you can sign a petition that comes from Gizmodo.

The only viable solution I can see is a rehash of the iPhone 4 coming soon, or we will just have to wait until the iPhone 5 for it to be sorted out. I wonder what the problems will be then?

Source: Gizmodo


  • Kayla

    Are you kidding me? First of all, there are so many grammatical errors in this article, it made me wince.
    Second of all, the iPhone 4 'death grip'? I can replicate it on my iPhone 3GS. Hmm… obviously not a design fail, or hardware fail, as far as I know, it's the same iPhone I've had all year.
    Also, remember the 'OMGZ. Overheating iPhone 3GS! Recallzz!!!'
    Yeah, never happened.
    People have the tendency to find flaws in everything, and when they can't, they make them up.
    Exactly what's happening here.

    • the pacifier

      u are so right dude!yea fuck those rumors

  • Danny Kennedy

    I don't think so I need buy the new iphone 4g now. It is very bad issue and too many problem on iphone 4. The apple iphone 4g not completely yet, I think the apple need to recall all the iphone 4g already seller.

  • Ryan

    This is so ridiculous. APPIC FAIL. CRAPPLE. IPHONEY. Steve Jobs, you will be the death of your company with the attitude you've exhibited throughout this entire affair. I am LAUGHING at your arrogance. Non-issue? Attenuate THIS.

    I really wanted this phone but returned it and bought a 3GS. Now I'm returning that and cancelling AT&T altogether. I would rather return my phone and give you NO money, and pay an early termination fee to AT&T than pay any more fees to you. A small price to pay when compared to nearly $1200/year for cellphone.

    Doubtless all the Fanboys will rise to your defence (Apple Fanboy powers ACTIVATE! Form of a BLIND ELEPHANT!!) but the bottom line is that you were so quick to get this out there in front of the Droid X and other phones that you willingly souped up drudge to the masses and JUST DIDN'T CARE, and now it has come back to bite you on your flat ass.

    Goodbye Bad Apple, and GOOD RIDDANCE.

  • Yan

    This has nothing to do with Apple the reception is bad because the AT&T NETWORK IS TERRIBLE. That's why users should move to Verizon as soon as the iPhone becomes available in January 2011 on the 60mbps LTE 4G network . By the way if you have an iPhone check out speechtrans c o m it will allow you to eliminate language barriers and should be in the istore at the end of this month.


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