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Analogue TVs in UK Discontinued

Anyone wishing to purchase a new TV in the UK will only be able to purchase a Digital TV, as Analogue television have now been discontinued. However, according to BBC News, none of these sets were sold in May – so the message must have got through.

The digital switchover will not happen until 2012, 5 million homes in the UK have already purchased a new Digital TV, but more than 20 million homes have yet to make the move to the new technology. Various parts of the UK have already made the switchover, but there are still a number of counties left.

You would have thought that those aged 65 and older will be wary of change, but Digital UK reports that they are more tech-savy than you would have thought. Maybe this has something to do with more of this age group now spending their time on the Internet?

It is no secret that Digital TV is far better than analog, without it we would not have all the stations that we have grown fond off – especially the HD ones. Are you ready for the switchover?



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