2011 Nissan Quest Redesign Photos Ahead of Review

With just five months to go until the Los Angeles Auto Show, AutoWeek thought that they would take this opportunity to have a first look at the upcoming 2011 Nissan Quest with a bunch of photos of this redesign. In December there will be a full review of the vehicle – until then photos will have to do.

This new minivan will be in direct competition with Honda and Toyota – well the latter is making it easy for their competitors with a host of recalls. You will notice by these photos that the new Quest is based on the Japanese vehicle – the Elgrand van.

Not much is known about the redesigned minivan, but we do know that it will be five inches wider for the U.S. market and that a 3.7-liter V6 engine will power it. This offers more power than you will ever need from a minivan, but we have to wonder what MPG figures will be achieved?

We know that it is boring going on about how economical a vehicle is, but it is something that the government will be keeping a close eye on to help reduce carbon emissions. You had best hope that the U.S. do not go the way that other countries do, where you get charged more for road fund license for more gas-guzzling vehicles. For photos of the 2011 Nissan Quest visit AutoWeek via the link above.



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