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2010 Mobile Access survey: Calls not important feature

Cell phones have changed a lot over the years, and their main functions was to make calls – so how come the recent 2010 Mobile Access survey shows that making calls is not the most important feature? This was certainly bound to happen once SMS and other such features came about.

Looking at the survey, the most recent study shows that the most used feature of a phone is its camera – yes 76 percent of those asked showed that taking pictures was their highest priority. SMS was at 72 percent and gaining access to the Internet was at 38 percent.

I do find it strange that making a call did not feature in the top eight answers, but with the huge amount of features available to users they may never get enough time to do so. The study also shows that African-Americans and Latinos use more of a phone’s features compared to white users.

According to Aaron Smith from Pew Internet the research was conducted between April 29 and May 30, 2010, 2,252 adults were used in the study. For more information visit the link above.



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