Zone of the Enders 3 or MGS5: What do you want more?

In the last few days, speculation on a new Zone of the Enders and a new Metal Gear Solid title have gone into overdrive. After Hideo Kojima’s recent comments on both titles, we want to know what you would prefer to play more.

Some of you are thinking that the Metal Gear franchise should be brought to a halt, especially since Kojima himself declared that he wouldn’t be making any more titles in the long-running series.

Kojima was recently asked by members of Kojima Productions when development would start on a new Zone of the Enders title. But rather than give details on this game, he revealed that he is deciding whether or not to start work on Metal Gear Solid 5!

If you’re asking for my opinion, both titles would be most welcome, but I feel that the majority of gamers would rather prefer a new ZOE title than another Metal Gear. Either way, something is going to be announced at the Tokyo Game Show – I can feel it. Let us know your thoughts on both titles and tell us which one you would prefer to see more.

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  • shawn reyna

    mgs5 rocks

  • anon

    ZOE 3

  • liam


    • shawn reyna

      mgs5 isgon be bad ass i am a big fan of mgs games


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