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WoW Players Unhappy About Blizzard’s Decision To Use Real Names

World of Warcraft gamers have gone up in arms about Blizzard’s future plans to introduce the Real ID system to it’s public forums and message boards by showing an alias’s real name.

Blizzard will roll out the changes starting later this month on the StarCraft II forums, and then later on in the year when they finally release one of the most anticipated expansions of the year with WoW Cataclysm.

The announcement came on the official forums where it was stated that they wanted to remove “the veil of anonymity typical to online dialogue,” which would mean no more trolling, no more flaming and no more spammers. In other words, people just being plain rude, and being allowed to act in that fashion as they can hide behind a fake name.

You can just imagine the train wreck of “OMG WTF’s” that followed from 10 million World of Warcraft subscribers. Some even going as far saying that they plan to cancel their monthly subscriptions, and also refusing to purchase Cataclysm.

A fair few of the users did actually come back with something readable to the more, lets say, educated users, and said that trollish behavior does need to be cut down, but fear for the ones that do not embark in these flaming fiascoes.

I’m not sure about you, but I would not personally like my real name to be brandished about on internet forums, especially ones as big as the message boards. In my opinion. It just takes away the point of actually being a part of something as big as a forum where you are known by your special name. Imagine being well known as “SuperFantastico,” only to find out your real name is John Smith. Does not really go, does it?

How do you feel about this change? Imagine if it became a requirement for all forums on the internet. That would be when things would get a little, messy.

Source: MSNBC


  • Anon

    I played wow for years, taking long breaks in between. There were many things blizzard was doing that I did not like – its interesting how clever these things like facebook and other online things are. They very slowly ‘introduce features’ over a long time, to get people used to things they normally would not be comfortable with. Apparently no one in the millenial generation has ever heard of the story of the ‘frog in boiling water.’ Anyway, that is what is happening.

    This was the absolute breaking point for me; I quit, for good, deleting all characters, and there is zero chance of me ever trusting activision-blizzard again. Nor do I trust facebook, or have ever been on it. I would like to know why our government and privacy groups are not stepping in and making these companies account for these crimes they are committing. God help us, its just going to get worse and worse with so many people wearing blinders.

  • Ardenta

    No Thank You, Please. I don't use the forums, but if i did, I would NOT want my real name to pop up. It's nobodys business who I am. I don't want people to 'google' me, or try to 'find' me. That's just too scary (especially from a chicss POV).

  • Anthony

    I like it. The WoW forums are typically a very non-welcoming, even hostile, environment. Perhaps this help.

  • John Jacob

    I think the entire idea is a crock. I play WoW quite a bit, and enjoy chatting on the forums as well, theorycrafting, and talking over strategy for raiding. That is all dead to me now.

  • a nony mouse

    Please refer to this Post as well when considering how dangeriouse it is to just have some ones first and last names.


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