White Sprint HTC EVO 4G: Now Available from BestBuy

By Jamie Pert - Jul 7, 2010

If you are not keen on the standard black HTC EVO 4G we have some good news for you, BestBuy will soon be offering a white version of the smartphone, which will cost exactly the same price as the black version.

The white HTC EVO 4G can be seen here, it is also listed on BestBuy’s website here, however they do not have a photo of the white version yet.

Currently the white HTC EVO 4G is not available in-store, and if you order it online it has an estimated arrival time of between 15 and 21 days, however if you have already pre-ordered your handset it should arrive on July 11th.

We are also hearing unconfirmed rumors from Engadget suggesting that these white versions are in fact being handed out early, perhaps you are one of these lucky recipients, if so let us know.

Which version do you prefer black or white?

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