Toyota’s Lexus Recall Prompts Extended Product Development

The latest Lexus recall has prompted Toyota in to extending their product development time by four weeks, in the hope of improving quality so that this will save them from embracement and financial trouble with shareholders. Not a month goes by without Toyota being mentioned in a recall, and it seems that things have started to get worse.

The Japanese automaker was renowned for making reliable vehicles, but now seems to be hit with quality issues – maybe it is cost cutting or just trying to push cars out of the production facility too fast? Toyota currently employs 14,000 staff in research and development, 1,000 of which has been put aside to improve quality.

Since late last year Toyota has recalled over 10 million vehicles – 8 million were just for the Prius Hybrid model due to unintended acceleration. This particular problem cost Toyota millions of dollars in fines from the U.S. government, as it came to light that the automaker had known about the issue long before a recall came into affect.

Extending production by four weeks is one of the many steps that Toyota has already taken in the hope of improving quality. The downside is that all these changes will take time to see a difference in the cars that we drive.

For more details read Kevin Krolicki’s article from Reuters


  • 1) "8 million were just for the Prius Hybrid model due to unintended acceleration ?????
    You mean CAMRY and Lexus"

    2) What means "product devlopment time" ??

    3) "Extending production by four weeks" I assume you mean " product development"

    Really you owe your readers and particularly to mr n explanation!!


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