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Sony PSP2 Phone: Which OS do you want?

It is fair to say that the Sony PSP2 is now the device which is top of most of your wish lists. Sony’s lack of an announcement at this year’s E3 conference only further fueled speculation that Sony is saving their last big gun until later on in the year.

While just a new PSP device would be enough for gamers, we are continuing to hear rumors that the device will also come with phone functions, meaning that the PSP2 could come with a separate OS other than Sony’s familiar XMB interface.

If this is the case, which OS would be best suited for Sony’s new handheld? I think we can rule Apple’s OS X out of the equation, but Google Android and Microsoft’s Windows 7 could well be contenders.

Then again, it does seem highly unlikely that Sony would partner with Microsoft on a gaming product considering their fierce rivalry in the console department.

Do you think it could work? Let us know your thoughts on a possible OS for the PSP2.


  • james braselton

    hi there pepole saying that psp 2 will have hard drives can not wait for million hard drive failuers becuase of spining platers and heads that dont like being moved around

  • Drip

    a psp phone is a stupid idea; however, a psp with phone FEATURES could be feasible if theres a data plan to be announced for the psp2. either way to make things relevant, if there was to be a psp phone it woul NEVER be on android.the Android OS is way to open-sourced, and with the problems they're facing now, sony isn't going to just lunge into open doors that swing on the hinges or piracy.


  • MattyMc

    And it will not repeat WILL NOT beat the iPhone 4.. Plus you cannot fit all that detail into a device that will fit comfortably in your hand or in your pocket, have a decent battery life, Loads of memory, a decent camera, etc.. and dont get me started on what the price will be..!

  • dunuck

    Please stop making thise nonsense articles about PSPhone
    Its is a lousy idea its NOT gonna happen

    The PSP is supposed to be a dedicated gaming hand held its not gonna be a phone, a phone would make iut more a of a casual hanmd held. that and the fact that a PSP2 with full physical buttons and big battery would too big for an iphone a awkward to carry everywhere as a phone

    the idea of a psphone or 3DSphone is stupid and is not gonna happen

    what we need is
    -2 thumb sticks
    -superior graphics (rumored 4 core SGX 545) somewhere in between original xbox and 360
    – better higher res screen
    – as far a storage i am concerned they should have digital distribution and installation optic discs so you can install games on the HDD for the people who want solid media

    • steve

      you probably feel like an idiot now that Sony CEO has confirmed that this "lousy idea" is reality.

  • TesseractE

    Perhaps an XMB shell running on top of Android, similar to HTC's SenseUI? Tthat would broaden the capabilities of the phone considerably.

    That said, I'd be perfectly fine with a straight-up XMB. That's a part of sony's gaming brand now, and should not be easily cast aside. Improved, perhaps, but not ditched completely.


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