Smart ForTwo Update and Lightshine Model

The Smart ForTwo has not been that well received in the U.S., but with a number of updates coming it is hoped that things will improve. The updates aims to make the small city car trendier – let us hope that buyers get fooled into thinking a few color changes can do this.

As well as these updates there is a new Lightshine limited edition model, which also comes with a funky paintjob and 15-inch wheels. Going back to the minor upgrades on the standard Smart ForTwo, future owners will benefit from a few refinements to its interior, which you can see on Autoblog.

One of the new colors available will be cheeky matte light green, as well as a red or blue convertible soft-top model. The revised front end will benefit from LED daytime running lights – although this will be available as an optional extra.

The upgraded Smart ForTwo has not seen any changes to its engine, but they have managed to lean the CO2 emissions, so now the car only pushes out 120 g/km of CO2. Has the carmaker done enough to convince you to but the upgraded model?



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