Rogue Facebook App: Advertising, Spam or Malware?

There is a rogue Facebook app doing the rounds at the moment, and has so far got the attention of 300,000 users. There are fears that this could be used as a platform for spam or malware, although it could just be a harmless bit of advertising – either way you should be wary of your profile.

The dubious application is called “I will NEVER text again,” and attracts Facebook users by way of a video. Once the user clicks on the link in the add the app then asks if it can gain access to some of your basic information, this will then be posted on their wall. This certainly sounds a bit suspicious to me.

Jeremy Kirk from IDG News writes on PC World that the rouge Facebook application has not done anything untoward yet, but asking for access to information from a user’s profile does not sound good. Graham Cluley from Sophos has done some investigation work and has discovered that there is a page setup under the name “Anne Klein,” which has been found out to be bogus.

This is not the first time that this has happened, and is now time that Facebook should get tough on apps – maybe they should take some advice from Apple.



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