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PSP2 vs. iPhone 4: Upcoming Sony Phone?

We have heard a number of rumors that Sony is working on a secret project, which is most likely the new PSP2 – yea, not much of a secret ah. Then again, Sony could still surprise us all by giving the new handheld a new feature that will compete with the iPhone 4 – a phone.

Cory Appleton from Examiner learned from Develop that Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida reveled to them that they have been working on a secret project, and that it will come with a host of features all designed to increase the enjoyment factor.

Some of those features include the ability to send SMS, reading books, magazines and also playing video games on a disc, so no download only like the PSP Go. Appleton believes that all these features add to one thing – the Sony phone.

Sony knows that Apple has dominated the smartphone market for sometime now – Microsoft has tried to take the fight to them but has failed, so now it is Sony’s turn. Well, maybe.



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