PlayStation 4 Expectations: Cloud game saved data

When it comes to the expectation of the Sony PlayStation 4 we all have our own theories, such as Neil Henning. He has a few ideas as to what features should be included in the successor to the PS3 – one of the best ideas has come from one of his readers. They asked if it would be possible for cloud storage of game data?

This would certainly be a great idea – so even if you have a hard drive failure, you will never lose your saved game data again. That’s just one idea; some of the others are what we would expect, four times the amount of RAM and increased processor speed.

The current CPU used suffers from bottleneck when demand is high, the addition of dual-core PPU would certainly help to reduce this – in-turn greatly increasing performance as a whole. The idea of this new PPU and faster CPU will not only help with larger games, but smaller ones as well.

Henning believes that Sony should increase RAM by four, but a reader thinks that 8 times would be more suited for the PlayStation 4. What expectations do you have for the Sony PS4?


  • Ezio Auditore

    how about a better internet browser.

  • TDRman

    I would like to see LIQUID COOLING on the new PS4 . Top line gaming computers use them . I lost two previous ps3's (fat 60GB and a 120GB slim) due to over heating… Also it would need at least Quad core and maybe 4 or more Ram. W ith liquid cooling it would be almost silent :0) but of course the biggest issue will almost always be the price with the mentioned spec.

  • Furze

    Just keep srinking everything, the smaller and lighter the better. and put a decent amount of RAM in the Machine, my IPhone 4 has more RAM. WHAT!!! CRAZY!!!

  • abcd

    ^ hahahah

  • PDPD

    You should be able to cook food in it

  • Razz

    What about two HDD ports? That would make it so that if your system crashed, but the HDD was still intact, you could plug it into the secondary port on your new PS3 and send over your old data.


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