Nexus One (Android 2.2) vs. iPhone (iOS 4): Web Browser Benchmarks

By Jamie Pert - Jul 7, 2010

If you are wondering whether to buy an iPhone 4 or a high-end Android-based smartphone you can’t really go wrong either way, however if it is fast web browsing you are after we are hearing that Android 2.2 allows faster web browsing than iOS4.

A recent article posted on IntoMobile shows JavaScript benchmark results compared against eachother, in one corner is the Google Nexus One running Google Android 2.2 (FroYo) and in the other corner is the iPhone 4 running iOS 4, (all of the following benchmark results are according to IntoMobile).

Firstly we talk about the SunSpider benchmark, in this test the lower the score the better (the scores are in milliseconds), to complete the SunSpider benchmark the iPhone 4 took 10,902.1ms, whereas the Nexus One took just 5,795.2. This means that in this particular test the Nexus One was twice as fast.

In the V8 benchmark the results are also extremely positive for the Nexus One (for this test the higher the score the better). The iPhone 4 scored 67 in the test, whereas the Nexus One scored a staggering 287 in the same test, which shows that it performs over four times better than Apple’s flagship handset.

It has to be said that the Nexus One has now been out for over 5 months, which means that Google have had a lot of time to develop software for the handset, which means that they have probably optimized the handset’s web browsing capabilities.

The iPhone 4 has only been out a few weeks, therefore it is possible that an iOS 4 update will arrive soon, which could potentially seriously improve the handset’s performance in these benchmarks, we will have to wait to see.

Are you pretty shocked by the massive performance difference?

Source: IntoMobile

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  • Andork

    You sure about that ?
    How many windows servers are there ?

  • Apple rotten to the core. Old hat, fading away. Jobs is a has been. "No phone is perfect" Jobs said today. Yes, true, but least of all the iPhone. Jobs blamed the press for publicizing issues over reception of iPhone when it was users that highlighted the issue first. In addition, it beggars belief no-one checked this out or noticed before hand. I guess everyone at Apple is RIGHT handed. On another front Apple is a closed shop as regards its apps. Google is open source in so many areas and looks to the future in everything it does. In search it is the best. In cloud computing it is the best. Its Chrome browser is the best [and fastest]. So hardly a surprise it has brought out a phone that is fast, open source and user friendly. Apple will soon be crunched by the competition of Android, which is already overtaking in US sales.

    • Kevin Bonney

      Um… I'm sure we have heard this before… Linux Vs Windows… but Linux still has not beaten Windows in the home…. or business…..

  • J-Dawg

    Not at all….. better handset….better software….better OS…waht more can you aask for