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MW2 Resurgence Pack: Still No Release – Where Is It?

Hundreds, thousands, and millions of gamers have been anxiously waiting for the MW2 Resurgence Map Pack to drop today on PC and PS3. Trouble is, there seems to be no sign of it coming to the PlayStation Store anytime soon. So I beg the question. Where is it?

I have been following fourzerotwo‘s tweet’s all day, just like lots of you out there. I have also been following the various Twitter feeds to see if anyone in the world knew anything about it. But everywhere I look, it just seems to be a dead end.

We all know that the PC version of the DLC was released via Steam a while ago now, but where is the PS3 version? In my opinion, it seems as though the release is infact being delayed by Sony themselves.

If we look at one of fourzerotwo‘s tweets, he says “@Chrishall2009 Sorry, we haven’t been given a time as to when it will release. If I get one though, I’ll post it.” And in a later tweet he says “@IRISnGEN We’re not given a specific time regretfully, but as soon as it’s live, I’ll post.”

From this, we can only take it that Sony for some strange reason is delaying the DLC, but the reason why, we will not know. Maybe we will have to wait until the mass hysteria has finished, and the dust is settled to finally understand what has taken them so long. But in the meantime, eyes will stay fully fixed on the PlayStation Store and fingers will be tapping the internet for any possible inkling.

If you think you know of any information, especially when you think the DLC could infact be deployed, we would like to know.


  • AtomisingSage

    Could it be correlated to PSN's troubles earlier this year with the stimulus package release flooding their network? If i remember rightly it was nearly impossible to add any funds to the wallet during the opening day..

  • kalcabun

    Hi, again…just another point of interest! I was on MW2 and discovered I now cannot access the Stimulus levels as before. Its been on PS3 for about 2mnths and I no longer have the choice of just playing the new levels if I so wish! So it appears to be £10.99 for 2mnths. Can anyone alse confirm this post?

  • kalcabun

    Hi UK here, I dowloaded PS+ thinking i would get the RES-map pack that way, stupid me 'no luck there'. As for It being in PS Store as of 7-10-10 3.16am GMT, no luck so i'm left guessing whats going on. I can only say this kind of lowers my opinion of PS and I think its either profit driven and / or plain stupidity. Customers remember when they have been messed around…and next time XBox might be on my shopping list…yukk…but true! #x"…Gggrrrr….!!!

  • E-Q-U-I-N-O-X–

    im in blackpool england its 03:12 7th july, Iv Been Waiting since dinner time my eyes are sore im Pi**ed off to the max an still no sign of it….considering we all bought the game and the stimulus pack i think its bang out of order they dont confirm times or dates, if it wasnt for the fact the game is awesome id boycott lol ………………….im sick of f**kin waitin GGGGRRRRRRR ….!

  • Ahmad

    is it out in austraila anyone

  • Justin

    In the PS Store search type in Modern Warfare 2 it should be the 14th result you should be able to buy it I was one of the first to locate it just for the record at 2AM PST I located it and was one of the 3 people on it

  • angela

    go to browse by title, C, call of duty mw2 and should be there

  • okcattleman

    It's up. downloading now

  • RIchrd

    This Is Mega Ultra BS add me on psn BaabyFlamme21

  • jjj

    its here

  • marz06

    It’s out in Texas 7:00pm

  • Okay so im about to download the map pack. go to PSN store search and type in "Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence" it should be the first one. hope this helps everyone. and no it is not yet shown yet under the add on portion.

  • Psycho12596

    search "resurgence" on the psn store.

  • cobra

    out now.

  • Jeff

    Search." resurgence" on ps store and it will come up

  • stevensmith

    still not here

  • Angela

    It’s available as of 4 mins ago

  • Raquel G

    This shit is taking way too long… ive been waiting since midnight at least its doubles weekend. someone please email me as soon as they are up.

  • Meeeeeee

    That was a lot of words to say essentially nothing at all.

  • CuBiCuaTe

    i just got out of work ….. and i just wanted to enjoy those new maps for the rest of the day ….. but nothing is there … this is annoying

  • Adam


  • John

    It was the long holiday weekend! LOL


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