MW2: Resurgence Map Pack DLC for PS3 Now Live – fourzerotwo

By Jamie Pert - Jul 7, 2010

Thousands if not millions of PS3 gamers have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the Resurgence Map Pack today, there has been a lot of confusion surrounding a U.S release time, however we can now confirm that it is live.

The news was recently revealed on fourtwozero’s official twitter page, his most recent tweet posted at approximately 12.30 am UK time read “Resurgence Package DLC for Modern Warfare 2 is now live on @playstation PSN Store (US). New playlists + Double XP”

Due to the high demand users may have to still wait for the DLC to appear, and I wouldn’t be surprised if initial download speeds are very slow, over the next few hours I’m sure things will have smoothed out.

We would like some feedback from our readers, therefore share your experiences in the comments section below, feel free to answer any of the following questions: How long did the resurgence pack take to download? Was it worth the wait? Are you having any problems installing the pack?

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  • steve

    downloaded and installed it today and it does not work,says i dont have it.

  • Pete

    downloaded and installed really quickly, but wont show up on game, any help?

  • Brian710

    If u give me maps I will give u 10th perstige

  • ramyar

    can anyone share the maps with me i will be really happy add me on this account rj_the_punisher

  • MattyMc

    Fibre Optic Broadband… 8 minutes!

  • Zac

    is there supposed to be 7 dowload files on PS3? i just bought it and theres 7 360MB download things

  • Rob

    I tried to download de map pack on the ps3 but somehow i’ve seen to be experimenting a problem on the download, first of all the download doesn’t start, and secondly it says that there is an error with the instalation, even though the download hasn’t even started; does somebody or is anybody experimenting this too???????????

  • gimp

    where have you got 7maps from?????^^^^^^^^^

  • Steza

    I'm english downloaded resurgence map pack at 4pm today July 7th took 1minute then 30 secs to update ps3 but then I do have 50 mb cable broadband hooked up to my ps3 review of packs Is they are really good better than stimulus which I like a must for mw2. Don't forget to hook your ps3 to your modem to download cause wireless can take 45 min to 2 hr as the ps3 is only wireless g compatible so wireless n won't help. Many thanks and happy gaming

  • ryan

    it has took 38 minutes for 1 map, 6 more to go 🙁

    • Matthew

      People, you only download the file that matches your game disc code. Don't download all 6 files!!

  • ryan

    does it download quicker on the slim ps3 than fat??

  • pbash

    It's out in the uk now!!

  • Paddy

    Yeh I've got it in the UK now, Northern Ireland 15:58 local time, 88% complete 🙂

  • Shizaan

    My download (USA) was available last night around 11pm Central. I downloaded no problem. Took about 15 minutes.

    HOWEVER! I tried playing this morning and my PS3 WILL NOT RECOGNIZE my MW2 game disc! I cannot play at all now! Did I download a virus or something? I tried ejecting it and reloading it…even put in another game disc which worked…but my PS3 will not recognize my MW2 game disc AT ALL! What’s up with that??

  • Lee

    it is now 2:02 in the UK and still no maps i thought they where out at 12:30 what is going on

  • frankzalot

    there out the same time as the last one in uk today at 5

  • Anthony Biggs

    Still not live in the UK!!!

  • barrie

    cant find the resurgence pack any where sum1 please help me

  • klyde

    the dl was slow. they have not integrated it into the regular, public playlists yet. they did update with the barebones though, which is good

  • Does anyone know a specific time the PlayStation Store will be updated for the UK Servers?

  • hhhh

    maps out 2moz soz 4 bad newzzzzzzzz

  • ryan

    i think they come out tommorow only usa today uk 2moz soz 4 bad newzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Fishmeat

    Is not up on the PS Store in Ireland……………..come on i came home from work early to get it downloaded so when the kids went to bed then I could go online all night!!!

  • Just Me

    yes indeed

  • Paddy

    not in UK yet. You can get the update from yesterday with new game modes etc but the maps wont be available in the UK until the store updates today again, at 3-5pm or thereabouts.

    Don't know what all the confusion is for?.. exactly the same thing happened with stimulus. This is just a repeat of that.

    • Elliot

      thankyou atleast sum1 knows wat thr talkin abwt wats ur psn name and ill add u if u want mate

  • da darkman

    is it available in europe now?

  • chris

    cant find it anywhere on psn i am in the uk is it not out yet here ???

  • welshbiker

    does anyone have a release date and time for the uk?

  • why do we do this everythime a new map pack available i waited up till 1 am up at 8 still not there nd checked every hour since now 11 am arghhhhhhh. why do the friendly fire americans get it first not fair, and as for xbox, dont get me started.
    nyway psn sort it out what happened to equality.
    fed up lee u.k.

  • dannyboy1uk

    is it out in the uk yet plz let me know

    • da darkman

      i live in belgium and i gameshared da maps yesterday from a friend in da USA, but i couldnt play dem, when i got into da game it still said tht i didnt hv da maps. is this because they still arent out in europe?

  • jayden

    when will it be available in australia?

  • sean

    i have been waiting for the the update for ages it is know 3.25 australian time how do i get it

  • SFH

    not yet available in UK store.

  • veasna

    i downloaded in 10 min

  • DaxStar

    when is it out in Australia ???????????..Hurry up !!!!!!!!!

  • Fabian

    hey um i would more than happy if u can give me the DLC code or watever i dont really know how to download it for free so if u can please show me i will be really happy thank you

  • callzagi

    is it live in the uk yet?

  • Daniel

    When I started playing mw2 this morning it had an update and It said new maps available 4 psn but I searched everywhere and couldn't find the resurgence map pack

    • MattyMc

      Its just under Latest Releases..

  • Kris

    Just got the map pack. U have to search under modern in the psn to find it. It will not show up if u dont

  • If you would send me a DLC code for it I would be more than happy to comment about it 🙂

    • Fabian

      hey wats up do u no wat the DLC code is

  • guy

    freakin 46 min download. hurry up and go to bed wife so i can get me a nuke……

  • mike

    it took me less than five minutes to install and download

  • skinz

    is it released in UK