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MW2: Resurgence Map Pack DLC for PS3 Now Live – fourzerotwo

Thousands if not millions of PS3 gamers have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the Resurgence Map Pack today, there has been a lot of confusion surrounding a U.S release time, however we can now confirm that it is live.

The news was recently revealed on fourtwozero’s official twitter page, his most recent tweet posted at approximately 12.30 am UK time read “Resurgence Package DLC for Modern Warfare 2 is now live on @playstation PSN Store (US). New playlists + Double XP”

Due to the high demand users may have to still wait for the DLC to appear, and I wouldn’t be surprised if initial download speeds are very slow, over the next few hours I’m sure things will have smoothed out.

We would like some feedback from our readers, therefore share your experiences in the comments section below, feel free to answer any of the following questions: How long did the resurgence pack take to download? Was it worth the wait? Are you having any problems installing the pack?



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