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Motorola Droid X Best Feature: Battery Life

Following on from the news that some Verizon customers have been getting their Motorola Droid X smartphones earlier than expected – we thought we would look at what the best feature of this latest Android handset is. We can tell you that the best feature has to be its battery life.

You would have thought that it would be the 1GHz processor or the 8-megapixel camera, but the HTC EVO 4G already has all that. What Sprint’s handset also has is a disappointing battery, so this could work in Motorola’s favor.

Jeff Bertolucci from PC World has been looking into this and it is not a case of a better or bigger battery – just better power management. This is something that all smartphone makers will need to adopt as they offer more battery consuming features.

Bertolucci points out that the HTC EVO 4G has a few extra features, but what is the point of having them if the phone dies before the day is out? In normal cases the EVO will drain in a day, the new Droid X can run for at least two days, and that will be its biggest selling point.

Will you go for battery life over features?



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