Firefox 4 Beta 1 Download: Problems with add-ons

By Peter Chubb - Jul 7, 2010

Mozilla has now released Firefox 4 Beta 1, but before you download the new browser – consider that there could be a few problems with your current add-ons. It is for this reason that I have decided to hold off on the update – just until things are more stable.

Firefox 4 Beta 1 (See screen shot) supports a number of operating systems, such as OS X, Windows and Linux and brings a number of advanced features. The look has had an overhaul and you will also notice a number of improvements to the privacy settings.

If you visit the Mozilla Blog they are asking users to share with them their thoughts of the new browser, and to gauge feedback as to if they like what will eventually come the full version of Firefox 4.

Some of the new features include: New Add-Ons Manager, Crash Protection, Increased Performance, HD Video Support and much more. You will notice that the beta browser will now offer greater support for HTML5; you can just see the smile on Steve Jobs’s face.

If you have downloaded Firefox 4 beta 1, then please share your thoughts below.

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  • Leon

    Slow..laggy..crashes. >:[

  • Graham

    New version doesn't work with vista print. Why have an update that doesn't work with simple things, I'm naffed off I was prompted and hassled to update only to find it won't work, how crap, loking for another browser or going back to IE. Bye bye firefox, uncaring, blind to user's needs.

  • Rainy

    It sucks, doesn't even work anymore.

  • Tom

    Firefox 4 is smashing !