Facebook To Investigate E-mail Notification Problem

If you have been using the Facebook email notification facility, you might have noticed that you are not receiving email notifications when someone sends you a message. If you are one of these users, Facebook are currently investigating the issue.

Facebook say that they are aware of the “small minority” of users who are experiencing the problem, and hope to “resolve it soon.”

Some users refain from getting the emails sent to their registered email account, but for the users who do use the service, they usually receive the entire contents of the message, where they then can click a link to view it on the Facebook website.

Most of the complaints came via a group called “Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones,” where they also said they had the service activated, but still could not receive email notifications.

Users have tried to solve the problem themselves by making emails from “safe” to read, but this also did not help the matter.

If you are one of these people, make sure to check your “junk folder,” just incase it is getting sent there, although messages sent from Facebook are usually marked as “not junk.”

Are you having Facebook email notification issues?

Source: PC World


  • liz

    i've been having the same problem all winter. I reset the FB email settings, it works for an hour, and then stops again.

  • andy

    Yes, I am having the problem, its a huge pain, for me not related to any junk or spam settings, I hope they fix it soon.


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