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Crackdown 2 Recall Hoax

There were reports that Microsoft had to issue a recall for Crackdown 2 after gamers reported that instead of the new game in the case, the original one was there in its place. However, in a strange twist to the story, Microsoft has now reversed the recall following a statement from Ruffian.

It seems that gamers were confused and thought that the original Crackdown was in the case, when in fact it was the new version of the game. The reason for the confusion is because both games look very similar – so do not fear you do have the Crackdown 2 in the case after-all.

We have to wonder why Microsoft did not know this and decided to issue a recall, Surly they would have known in advance what the disc of the game looked like? Retailers were also confused, and feared that customers would be retuning the new game in the masses – just imagine how relieved they are?

Are you confused? Well this was all just a joke by Sarcastic Gamer, as it is no secret that fans of the game are upset that not much has changed with the new version of the game. We hope we did not worry you too much, we just thought this article was funny?



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