Bluetooth 4.0 Specification: Low energy tech

Bluetooth 3.0 has yet to be taken up by most vendors, so seems strange that the SIG is already talking about Bluetooth 4.0. The Special Interest Group hopes that people will take on the newer standard because of one of its new features – low energy tech.

This is one of a long list of specification, but low energy wireless technology is considered the Holy Grail when it comes to Bluetooth. SIG members can gains access to all the specifications by visiting

The spec list includes: Low cost, enhanced range, average and idle mode power consumption, Multi-vendor interoperability, and the ability to run for a prolonged amount of time on coin-cell batteries. These features are certain to draw more attention than Bluetooth 3.0 has.

Bluetooth 4.0 devices will launch in Q4 2010 and according to more than half of vendors will use this new standard by 2015.



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