Beef Jerky Recall: Product Labels

For those of you who enjoy some Beef Jerky then be warned, as there is a recall due to undeclared allergens and problems with the product labels. In all there is 8,000 pounds of beef jerky affected by this latest recall due to these allergens, wheat and soy.

Looking at the product labels, which you can see on the FSIS website we can see that the Firehouse Jerky Mild Beef Jerry Smoke Flavor is affected by this recall – both the 1 and 3-ounce packs. The sell by dates are as follows, 06/16/11 and 11/14/11 – anything between those dates and you will have to return them to the store.

The other products are Firehouse Jerky Pepper Beef, also with Jerry Smoke Flavor. The sizes of the pack are the same as above, but the dates are different. The dates affected by the recall are between 06/12/11 and 11/25/2011.

For more details on this Beef Jerky recall visit FSIS



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