2011 Model Cars, Trucks and SUVs Preview

This is our first of a number of posts where we aim to take a closer look at the 2011 model cars, trucks and SUVs. This early preview will give you insight in what to expect over the coming year, such as price, specs and that all-important on-the-road price.

The most extensive source of information currently has to be MSN Autos, they begin by talking about how the auto industry as a whole was able to struggle through the lean times of 2009 and has now started what is believed to be a long recovery process.

General Motors and other U.S. automakers may have had some tough times, but none more so than Toyota with their constant recalls. However, these new bunch of 2011 models aims to put that all behind them – we just hope that they will measure up.

It is a certainty that a huge percentage of these 2011 cars, trucks and SUVs will perform poorly in sales, but there are certainly a few gems coming up within the next 18 months. Come back soon, where we will be looking at a number of 2011 models.



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