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Windows Phone 7: New AT&T Details Hint of October Release

We have some interesting news for those of you planning to pick up a Windows Phone 7 handset later on this year, as some new details have emerged from AT&T, revealing that a launch may happen earlier than expected.

As reported from Engadget, an image has been obtained which shows that some retail documents involving Windows Phone 7 are on their way to AT&T stores later this month. According to Engadget, a store overhaul will be happening on July 24th and these WP7 documents are set to play a significant part.

The important thing to note here though, is that the source also reveals that these AT&T retail cards usually mean that a full retail release is around two to three months away, which means that the rumored October release for their first WP7 handset is still on course.

Head to Engadget for more information on this and let us know your thoughts.



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