White PS3 Slim or black model?

Earlier today we reported that there would be something new for Sony PlayStation 3 fans, a white PS3 Slim. We are not certain if this is a result of how popular the white Nintendo Wii is or if they want to offer more choice due to the new Xbox 360 release?

Personally, I would not want a white model – only because all of my media devices are black in color. However, for those who have a very modern looking room with not much else in it – then the white PS3 Slim would be perfect.

As usual, Japan will get this new model of the PlayStation 3 first, and although we said that there was no news on a worldwide release – one is certain to follow. I expect Japan to be a test for Sony to gauge public interest.

Although the new white version offers sleeker look, it would not take long for it to look told – unless you ask your children to wash their dirty little hands first.
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