webOS for Sprint Palm Pre / Pixi: Release Date Tomorrow?

By Jamie Pert - Jul 6, 2010

If you own a Palm Pre or Palm Pixi which is on Sprint we have a promising-sounding rumor to let you know about, apparently Sprint will be releasing webOS on Wednesday 7th July (tomorrow).

The rumor originated on PreCentral, one of their forum members is apparently a Sprint employee, and he suggest that webOS for Palm Pixi and Palm Pre will be available from Sprint in July 7th, whilst “European counterparts” will have to wait a few days more.

The update sounds pretty considerable, the changelog reveals that there will be improvements made to the device’s podcasting capabilities, web text entry, Sprint TV and video functionality.

Perhaps the best news is that your Pixi/Pre should have increased battery life, this is thanks to improved power consumption and battery optimization.

At the moment there is no official confirmation of this update, however I think that all of the information sounds pretty legitimate, to find out more check out the source link below.

Is there a webOS bug which you would like patched?

Source: PreCentral

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