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Toyota Lexus Recall: Animation Shows 2010 Numbers

We knew that another Toyota recall was long overdue, and we were right when we recently reported that there was to be a Lexus recall – with 270,000 vehicles being affected worldwide. We already gave you the breakdown on the numbers for each country, but we have located an animation that shows these 2010 numbers.

The video begins with a globe like the one seen on Google Earth; the first country to be visited is Japan. This is to show that the land of the rising sun is home to Toyota owned Lexus. Untied States is next, showing that 138,000 Lexus vehicle are affected by this latest recall.

The next is Canada with 4,000; Europe is next on the video with 15,000 models being recalled. China is next with 6,000, but the Middle East is missing and Japan with 10,000 and 90,000 models affected respectively.

Do not worry if you have one of these Lexus models, Toyota will contact all those affected with a phone call or by letter. Have you started to lose respect for Toyota? Is this one recall too many?


  • Terry Munson

    Anybody who doesn't respect Toyota has never owned an RX350 or a Camray. We all fall
    short of perfection. It's how well and how quickly you learn from your mistakes that matters.


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