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Sony Recall: Vaio laptops in China

We already know that Sony is to recall its Vaio F and C series due to an overheating problem. However we can now inform you that recalls have now hit China – models include the VPCF11 and the VPCCW2, with an expedited 55,362 units affected.

China CSR has learned from AQSIQ that the affected Sony Vaio F and C laptops were produced from December 2009 and February 2010; if you have one of these then you should stop using it. Well you could use if you want your keys to deform through the heat.

As we recently mentioned the temperature control is the main cause of the problem, but Sony has said that a simple firmware upgrade can solve the issue. Most have been treating this as a recall, but Sony believes that it is not as they have a fix for both laptops without the need for taking the device back from where you purchased it.

The recall now covers China, Asia, Europe and USA. For more details on this so-called recall and the software patch visit Sony



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