SEGA Confirm ‘Gamescom’ No Show

By Jamie Pert - Jul 6, 2010

SEGA have confirmed that they will not be showing up at one of “the most important European events in the calender,” citing the reason as purely “commercial.”

In a statement that SEGA kept brief, they say that it has nothing to do with the location which is being held in (Cologne), and that they still think that Gamescom 2009 was a very successful show for them. They also mention that the decision not to show for this year should not effect them not showing up to a Gamescom in the future.

This is unfortunate news for SEGA fans who were looking forward to games such as Sonic 4, Shogun 2: Total War and Vanquish being previewed.

The decision could also have been made by SEGA as the games they had hoped would be big hitters this year have received a few potential snags. Sonic 4 has been pushed back, and the Total War developer is instead working on a sports title.

Whatever the reason, it will surely be a disappointment to SEGA fans who were looking forward to catching them at Gamescon. What do you think the reasons are for not showing?

Source: VG247

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