Reusable Bags Risk: Cross-contaminated food

Whenever you go to your local store you are asked if you have your own bags or whether you have reusable bags. I have five bags like this that I keep in my car for when I go shopping, but I did not know that I should wash them due to fears of food becoming cross-contaminated.

This certainly makes sense, just something that I have never thought about. In a recent study conducted by University of Arizona and Loma Linda University, they learned that these reusable bags had huge amounts of bacteria in them. The worrying thing is, this is all common sense – just none of us have ever thought about it.

Jim Steinberg, from Whittier Daily News says that this is bad timing as huge debates have been going on to ban single-use plastic or paper bags for these environmentally friendly ones. There are fears that this could lead to high numbers of illnesses due to the spread of harmful bacteria.

If these bags are kept in the trunk and not cleaned within two hours, then bacteria can multiple 10-fold. I can hear the sound of car trunks being opened and slammed shut right now.



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