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MW2 Resurgence Map Pack PS3 Release Time: Twitter Confirmation

We are just hours away from the PS3 and PC release of the new Resurgence Map Pack DLC for Modern Warfare 2. It is due to hit Steam and the Playstation Store later, promising hours of fresh multiplayer action with five brand new maps.

We said earlier on that the maps should be available during the afternoon for US gamers in the Eastern Time Zone. However, you’ll be able to find out the exact moment that the update goes live by keeping an eye on this handy Twitter update page that we have provided for you.

Using this page will keep you up to date on all the relevant Twitter activity related to the Resurgence Map Pack release time. You can be assured that gamers will be keeping each other updated on whether the update has appeared in the store or not.

Xbox 360 owners have enjoyed the new content for over a month now, but PS3 owners will finally get their chance in a few hours time. Are you excited about playing the new maps for the first time?



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